On-site messaging

Economical, long lasting and scalable, our messaging solutions deliver critical messaging to your teams in just seconds. And with 99 % availability – paging has a probability of failure that approaches zero.

Long battery life

Seconds from alarm to notification

Preferred by users for it’s simplicity

Easy to integrate into existing systems

Fast. Lightweight. Reliable

Paging is still the fastest, most reliable alert medium.

Paging has stood the test of time and still provides a simple yet robust alerting solution for all sorts of incident types and scenarios. Invulnerable to phone or WIFI network interruptions, with long battery life and it’s low-profile, paging is favoured by users for being fast, reliable as well as it’s user interface being simple and lightweight. 

If you need to notify people quickly and concisely, paging can do the job, either on it’s own, or integrated as part of an existing alarm or notification system.

Who needs to be notified?

Anyone can receive on-site messaging, however here are a few of the most common teams who use it.