Servicing & Repair


We provide both once-off and routine servicing and maintenance of critical communications equipment.

At Sigteq, we provide servicing for a large range of critical communications and emergency response equipment including:

  • Radio equipment (portables, bases, mobiles) & infrastructure (aerials, repeaters, networks…)
  • Paging equipment
  • Sirens and beacons
  • LED scrolling text displays
  • SMS alerters
  • Lone worker devices.

If you deem any of your equipment ‘critical’, we strongly advise considering a routine maintenance plan to keep everything in a reliable condition.


We understand your emergency response and critical communication equipment is vital to you and your team.

Our engineers can repair and/or service all manner of safety equipment from radios to pagers, lone worker devices to aerial’s/antennas, LED scrolling text signs to sirens and beacons, and more.

If you have any damaged or faulty equipment you would like to repair, get in touch to see how we can help.

Benefits of an ongoing Maintenance agreement

Peace of mind that your systems are always ready for any event

Our experienced engineers can also provide regular servicing and maintenance on almost any critical communications equipment, assuring your system is running as a well oiled, highly reliable and efficient machine. 

  • Equipment is kept in good shape

  • Radio licensing kept within compliance

  • Short notice access to critical backup equipment

  • Access to industry leading experts who can advise on projects and changes

  • Benefit from equipment discounts
  • Access to custom training materials

  • Outsource asset management to us
  • Prioritised support times
  • Remote support, checks & testing available for many systems