Let Sigteq be an extension of your emergency team

Our proactive approach to managing your AlertNet platform means updates and scenario tweaks are conducted seamlessly and any issues are resolved in real time.

Through active management and oversight, our experts fine-tune your emergency response and ensure your continuous compliance with legislation and ERT best practice. Ongoing support means you will always have the most up-to-date version of the AlertNet system, operating at peak performance.

Benefits of Sigteq remote management and support

  • Regular checks and reports ensure compliance
  • Proactive support enhances stability and predictability of your AlertNet system
  • Complete system oversight facilitates continuous improvement
  • Timed upgrades and configurations enhance AlertNet performance
  • Advanced diagnostics and testing minimises the need to travel to site
  • Flexible system adapts to risk profile, governance and personnel changes
  • Ready access to sector experts provides your ERT personnel with peace of mind
  • Intelligent monitoring facilitates targeted improvement, and more focused conclusion to site incidents

Peace of mind for Abbvie with Sigteq remote management and support

The beauty of remote management and support for our AlertNet system is knowing that Larry and the team know what’s happening with our system at all times. We have that assurance that the team at Sigteq will pick up on any issues, sometimes before we even know about them. The support we get from Sigteq means we can focus on doing our jobs.”

~ Incident Commander, Abbvie

Choose the best remote management
and support package for your facility

Please contact us to discuss our options of remote management and support.