Sigteq are leaders in solutions for the emergency response sector and are based in Ireland. We’ve used our 20 years’ of hardware and software design experience to fine-tune our unique AlertNet system that responds to multiple emergency scenarios and which can be customised to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We have the sector experience, data specialists and the solutions to ensure your emergency response team and procedures are operating at peak performance and complying with best practice and all relevant legislation.

Our data specialists can integrate AlertNet seamlessly with your legacy systems and our experienced team can remotely monitor and manage your AlertNet system to ensure it is meeting its full potential, and we are on hand to deliver system and ERT training. Sigteq is an ISO accredited company.


We have worked with the Sigteq team for over 11 years. They play an integral part of our Emergency Response strategy. As a Seveso site, the AlertNet system is vital to us and to our surrounding neighbours. If we have an incident on site that could have off-site implications, a community alert siren is sounded and a text is automatically sent to the relevant neighbours within 5-10 seconds. This early warning is vital. Simply put, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the AlertNet system; it gives us the assurance we need to be able to conduct our work safely and respond efficiently to any incidents. Marinochem

Sigteq designed and built a custom AlertNet platform to deal with fire and safety alarms on our sites. They listened to our requirements and responded efficiently to our requests for enhanced customisation to enable us to send tailored pager messages to our emergency response team. Remote monitoring and management of the AlertNet system means we have added reassurance that Sigteq are always there.  With their extensive experience in the sector we consider Sigteq an invaluable part of our emergency response team. Abbvie

The AlertNet platform is a robust system that clearly and precisely alerts our team in the event of a fire on board one of our ships. We have the reassurance that all information is accurate, which saves us valuable time and brings increased efficiency to our response team. Irish Navy

The beauty of remote management and support for our AlertNet system is knowing that Larry and the team know what’s happening with our system at all times. We have that assurance that the team at Sigteq will pick up on any issues, sometimes before we even know about them. The support we get from Sigteq means we can focus on doing our jobs. Abbvie