Swissphone Hurricane Duo

  • Reads messages out loud (using speech synthesis) and shows them on the display
  • 64 addresses (RICs) with 4 sub addresses each
  • Options: Express-Alarm®, IDEA™, On-Air-Programming, Multi-channel
HURRICANE DUO – the POCSAG pager that speaks your language.

A high performance digital signal processor (DSP) converts the received alphanumeric message to easily comprehensible speech. The message can be read on the display simultaneously. A user programmable address name is displayed in the status line along with the message time-stamp. Allowing to grasp immediately which address an alert was received on and on which address. The HURRICANE DUO offers 64 RICs with 4 sub addresses each. Housed inside the same case used by the well-known Swissphone analogue receivers, the HURRICANE DUO inherits their robustness. Ease of use has been a design principle from the start. Texts as well as icons help to navigate through the user menu. The one-hand operation featured in previous models has been retained. In fact it is even possible to operate Swissphone receivers wearing gloves.

Swissphone Hurricane Duo Brochure