Swissphone DE920EX

  • Intrinsically safe pager, approved according to (Ex) II 2G Ex Ib IIC T4
  • 32 addresses (RICs) with 4 sub addresses each
  • 9 user profiles plus 1 expansion profile

The DE920 Ex pager offers unprecedented protection for public safety and petro-chemical professionals alike. With ATEX Protection Class II 2G EEx ib llc T4, the DE920 Ex guarantees safe usage in all potentially explosive atmospheres where air and flammable gases mix.

The DE920 Ex pager boasts an array of user friendly operational features. Its 3-line back lit LCD with large character set makes reading more efficient, its 3-button operation makes usage effortless, and its robust housing guarantees a long lasting and safe investment. The ECO mode allows users longer independent battery operation, reducing the necessity for frequent recharging. Combining superior protection and outstanding usability, the DE920 Ex pager is the ideal choice for alerting in hazardous areas.

Swissphone DE920 Ex Brochure