Swissphone DE715

The DE715 has a full graphic display that allows the user to select various different text layouts

  • 5 line, full graphic display with more than 100 characters
  • Flashing display lighting as visual call reminder
  • 12 addresses (RICs) with 4 sub addresses each
  • IP54 with protective holster

Strong backlighting makes it easier to read the high-contrast display in the dark.

The DE715 features a full graphic display. Users can choose between a 16, 20 or 21-character layout. Up to 105 characters can be shown on the display. Frequency control by means of PLL technology (phase-locked loop) enables the operating frequency to be programmed on site. Twelve addresses (RICs) with four sub addresses each are provided on the DE715. Two switchable user profiles and one enhancement profile improve flexibility. Individual addresses can therefore be activated/deactivated manually while the device is in operation.

Swissphone DE715 Brochure