AlertNET Man-down / Lone-worker

The AlertNet all-in-one lone-worker / man-down system provides an automated response to personal alarms. Including man-down, panic or threat. It is ideally suited to highly automated facilities with reduced man-power, remote installations or hazardous operations.

Alarms received are displayed with the originators identity and alarm type. The (optional) emergency team call-out facility will notify responders, by text message via pagers, cell-phone or radio, both on or off site.

The system includes an emergency-stop facility for critical plant equipment, Also a gate / barrier over-ride to allow emergency access. The solution can be customised to work with existing site radio and paging or be part of a complete emergency response solution.

Typical clients include:  Road Tunnels, Chemical manufacturing facilities and Remote Oil & Gas Installations.


Download: AlertNET Man-down Slide