Pagers & Alerters

Still the most cost effective group notification media available. Radio pagers are ideal, for process, fire, and gas alarming, team call-out, deaf and evacuation alert.
Paging is a primary feature on BlueBox, and can be part of a larger multi-modal messaging system with SMS, Tetra or DMR messaging or as a stand alone solution for site notification. Often regarded as an out-dated technology, yet no other solution, will allow near instant alerting, of groups of any size, simultaneously. Also as pagers, vibrate, flash, alert (beep) and display text based information, a emergency cannot be missed.
When used with BlueBox, the alert pattern style can be set to alert the user to the scale of the alarm. When used as part of an Emergency Team notification system, BlueBox can send the exact location of a fire, or gas alarm, reducing the risk, and associated costs of false evacuation drastically.

Sigteq has had a long relationship with Swissphone and continue to exclusively promote their pagers, because for their robustness, reliability and the features they offer.

The new budget DE715 pager has allowed Sigteq to develop a low cost Inclusive Emergency Team call-out package for small facilities, details to follow soon.

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