First Responder Software

InfoRad’s “First Responder” alert messaging software is the logical companion for the BlueBox Sentinel, AlertNET or Maxmo Automated Alert & Response Systems. It is a powerful yet easy to use wireless messaging solution. Its simple 3 step messaging interface, requires little or no training, Step 1: Select individual or group, Step 2: type message, Step 3: hit “Send” Button.


  • Manual team notification & call-out.BlueBox First Responder Software 2015
  •  Individual or Group call-out.
  •  Single seat or networked server / client.
  •  Unlimited device / user database.
  •  Windows Operating System
  •  Scheduled Messaging
  •  Built in call logger
  •  Pager, SMS, DMR and Tetra Radio or email

Options Includes

  • Main and standby system messaging.
  • BlueBox Sentinel SMS only module
  • Email to pager, radio, sms option
  • Remote equipment control.
  • LED text display control.
  • Access to remote BlueBox via modem / network
  • Off-air logging and message confirmation.

The application through BlueBox supports messaging to pagers, Cell-phones, DMR radios, Tetra radios, LED information displays and email. Scheduled paging to group and individual users. Pre-programmed messages for rapid notification. The application includes ( automatic rollover to secondary / standby BlueBox system for added resilience). NEW Message Templates including pre-programmed ‘fill in the blanks’ are available.
If your needs grow, The First Responder application is upgrade-able to the InfoRad network Enterprise multi-seat solution.

Download: BlueBox First Responder Software Datasheet

Short Video Here: