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BlueBox is a growing range of advanced embedded technologies. Developed by Sigteq to improve safety, efficiency and effectiveness, particularly during a crisis. BlueBox is divided into three discrete groups, Sentinel – compact embedded alert and control modules. AlertNET – wall, desk or console mounted automated alert and response system, providing automated alert and rapid response for small to medium sized facilities.

Each BlueBox system is prepared to suit each site’s specific requirements, Only the necessary options and features need be included. BlueBox can work with legacy radio and paging infrastructure or can include a resilient communications platform of its own, including mobile voice, messaging and telemetry. BlueBox’s  multi-model capability means you choose  the communication options that suit your operations and budget. Sigteq can assist you with planning and design a solution that will deliver when all else has failed. BlueBox does not utilise a PC or MS Windows™ operating system, instead is built upon a secure embedded platform and is safe from the growing threat of cyber attack.




embedded alert & control modules

The Sentinel is Sigteq’s growing range of low cost embedded alert modules. Developed to provide automated SMS text messaging and remote control for a wide range of devices, safety systems, access controls and critical plant equipment. The Sentinel SMS text alert contain relevant information necessary to inform technical staff of the fault.
With up to 40 cell-phone contacts, the Sentinel informs many fast. Simple to install, configure and can source its power directly from a suitable host panels.

automated alert & response

The AlertNET platform consists of a wall-mounted enclosure, containing an embedded processor and selection of plug in PCB cards dependent on the options purchased, these include radio paging, Cell-phone, sms, Tetra, DMR radio, public address announcements and lone worker. A choice of user interface touch-screen processors are available. AlertNET can interface directly with alarm, SCADA, DCS and PLC based systems. AlertNET is compatible with most addressable Fire & Gas detection systems, alternatively a customized interface protocol can be prepared, to suit your sites specific risk profile.

bespoke crisis management systems

Maxmo builds on the strenghts of AlertNET and Sentinel to provide a sophisticated incident / crisis management system. It can automate a wide range of tasks associated with a major emergency scenario. Including team and worker notifications, public address, community alert, its purpose is to reduce work load and improve efficiency during an emergency to get it under control as soon as possible. It targets high-hazard facilities, road tunnels, extreme or remote environments.

pagers, radio, lone-worker and public safety equipment