Founded in 1999, Sigteq is a leading producer of automated alert and response solutions aimed at enhancing companies’ safety and operational efficiencies.

At our headquarters in Cork, our expert and highly skilled team develop a broad range of hardware and software solutions and services powered by embedded devices and smart wireless technologies.

Our flagship solution – BlueBox MaxMo– is the result of extensive R&D focusing on the efficiency of existing alarm and incident notification systems. BlueBox is an intelligent information gateway linking your internal alarms (fire, gas, environmental) and general safety and process management systems and procedures to a wide range of communications devices – radio, pagers, mobile phones, loudspeakers, public address systems – to deliver reliable, automated alerts in the event of an incident or alarm.


At Sigteq we are committed to developing the best solution for your business. All our solutions are fully customisable to meet your particular needs, whether that’s minimising risk at your facility; automating your response to incidents; or improving production efficiencies.

And because our solutions are not system specific they can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure by our skilled engineering team.

We are proud to count some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, chemical, oil & gas and transportation companies as our clients. Read what our clients are saying about us.


  • We create solutions you can rely on, whatever sector you operate in and wherever you are based in the world.
  • Our BlueBox platform is an industry leading solution developed to create a reliable and comprehensive automated incident and event management system.
  • Our automated incident management solutions ensure all incidents are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Our fire and alarm messaging solutions integrate seamlessly with existing systems and procedures, giving them an extra layer of efficiency and dramatically improving communications and response times.
  • Our process efficiency solutions are fully customisable to meet your unique requirements.
  • We are experts in our field with years of experience.
  • We take a personal approach to all our clients, delivering a high level of service.